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As a company dedicated to hospitality, tourism services, we know how important it is to maintain a development in harmony with the environment, we are committed to serving our visitors with a high level of quality, promoting responsible tourism, advising our clients, suppliers and collaborators in protecting the cultural and environmental heritage, as well as supporting local development, therefore we take the necessary measures so that our economic activity produces the least possible environmental impact. We also try to make our clients and collaborators exterminate our commitment.

We also have the commitment to protect minors against sexual exploitation and trafficking of minors, denouncing suspicious acts, taking great care when registering customers.



For fifteen years, on the third Friday of December, our Magic Night has been held, an event that is characterized by providing a special night to the retalteca population living with family and friends. This activity is completely free, popular and its main objective is to convey the meaning of the Christmas season. Since our activity begins the first days of December with a cheerful decoration on the main streets of Retalhuleu with luminous lines accompanied by Christmas icons and logo types of the different commercial houses that wish to participate in this beautiful activity, later we go to the third Friday of December to be able to close with a flourish a buffet of snacks, music, carols, special characters such as Santa Claus, Christmas dances, Christmas bazaars, pyrotechnic games show and a special presentation for young people, set of activities that so far is the best from the area.

The Magic Night of the hotel is a pride for us to be already a tradition that people expect and ask about it, since in addition to providing fun, recreation; Add human warmth, projection and social sense to the event, because what is collected tonight is donated to an institution that works nonprofit.

Institutions benefited:

  • Pasemos a Reu en Limpio

  • Vida Plena

  • Bomberos Voluntarios

  • Cruz Roja

  • Proyecto Social Emmanuel

  • Santa Luisa de Marillac

  • Dispensario San José Obrero

  • Cecypsa

  • Fundación DAR


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